The First Experience

Experience is defined as any change to a given aggregate that becomes an Attribute of that aggregate.

The First Experience, Delta+ |:| Delta- is a MassTime event.

Timelets are values of both Delta+ and Delta- flows that connect like lock and key implementing, as asserted, [Delta+ |:| Delta- ] fulfilling the aggregate and juxting imperatives as well as ensuring Effect follows Cause and Growth is from the outside to the inside.

Primordial Cause (outward gravity +∞) is the source of Experience. Primordial Effect (gravity ∞-) is the completion of cause or instantiation of The First Experience +∞- .


The First Experience is fleetingly Existential rather than Persistential.

Both inorganic and organic aggregates Acquire and Express experience conditionally. The innate experience is Existential

Homo Sapiens : Terra Virtualis

Imagine everyone concurrently connected to each other, – the online binding of contemporary Homo Sapiens into Terra Virtualis.

Homo Sapiens |:| Terra Virtualis.  (This assertion is correct at face value) which is that

Homo Sapiens   |:| (Maps into)   Terra Virtualis.
Homo Sapiens Juxt  ( |:| )  Terra Virtualis.

We are the “go-to species“; we carry out special free range tasks and practice Juxting.