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Difference Closed

The above definition of Effect also asserts a source of or for “Difference”. Analogous to the Electrical term “switch closed” where the original source of difference is both voltage and amperes are free to flow. The RMCM asserts that Inwardly flowing Gravity is our source for closing difference, Difference Closed.
Within Delta when Gravity flows inwardly ∞- and does so in critically proximity to the outward flows, Cause, Timelets from each flow bind into a single unit of time. As time is bound, the passing inward and outward flows discretely snarl implementing a three dimensional unit of mass. Together time and flow at critical proximity discharge a DarkSpark. The DarkSpark is a discrete existential event of both mass and time or MassTime. We already know of this result as a point.

The Innate

Innate: that which arises Directly out of Cause and Effect.

The innate is the first Condition, First Experience, and the First Shift. The Innate encapsulates the Point, and Points are a single MassTime event. Any given instance of the Innate is an instance of location bound by interlocking Timelets. Time is the Great Organizer of The Rational. Time constrains the Gravities, Cause and Effect, into an inward outward and Discrete Singularity.

The innate is existential, a Transcendence from Delta into the novelty of the three dimensional, The Rational.


The DarkSpark

DarkSpark encapsulates The MassTime event. Profoundly simpler than Electro Magnetic Radiation (light) GraviTime +∞∞- flows slide by each other Implementing WholeTime bound to a point. The WholeTime event is the DarkSpark

The First Experience

Experience is defined as any change to a given aggregate that becomes an Attribute of that aggregate.

The First Experience, Delta+ |:| Delta- is a MassTime event.

Timelets are values of both Delta+ and Delta- flows that connect like lock and key implementing, as asserted, [Delta+ |:| Delta- ] fulfilling the aggregate and juxting imperatives as well as ensuring Effect follows Cause and Growth is from the outside to the inside.

Primordial Cause (outward gravity +∞) is the source of Experience. Primordial Effect (gravity ∞-) is the completion of cause or instantiation of The First Experience +∞- .


The First Experience is fleetingly Existential rather than Persistential.

Both inorganic and organic aggregates Acquire and Express experience conditionally. The innate experience is Existential