The Point – Beyond SpaceTime To MassTime

No Science No Math No Logic


The smallest construct in the known universe is The Point. The point occupies no “Space”. I could never accept space as a truth. Sure, we “use” the word all the time, and most people understand the reference. That just means that “space” is a kind of word called a concept. It has use but no definition. As we shed the shackles of this undefined construct, “Space”, and the many others that fill our minds, you will experience a range of emotions. Some will experience general discomfort, anxiety, claustrophobia and even vertigo. I tell you this as we will be shedding many shackles herein. I have been yelled at. laughed at, feared, and I have confounded too many to count. So, of the assertions to come herein, no arguing with others, mistreating others, or harming anyone by misusing the assertions including the lexicon, to blindside, bushwhack or deliberately confound.


The First Experience

Experience is defined as any change to a given aggregate that becomes an Attribute of that aggregate.

The First Experience, Delta+ |:| Delta- is a MassTime event.

Timelets are values of both Delta+ and Delta- flows that connect like lock and key implementing, as asserted, [Delta+ |:| Delta- ] fulfilling the aggregate and juxting imperatives as well as ensuring Effect follows Cause and Growth is from the outside to the inside.

Primordial Cause (outward gravity +∞) is the source of Experience. Primordial Effect (gravity ∞-) is the completion of cause or instantiation of The First Experience +∞- .


The First Experience is fleetingly Existential rather than Persistential.

Both inorganic and organic aggregates Acquire and Express experience conditionally. The innate experience is Existential

Homo Sapiens : Terra Virtualis

Imagine everyone concurrently connected to each other, – the online binding of contemporary Homo Sapiens into Terra Virtualis.

Homo Sapiens |:| Terra Virtualis.  (This assertion is correct at face value) which is that

Homo Sapiens   |:| (Maps into)   Terra Virtualis.
Homo Sapiens Juxt  ( |:| )  Terra Virtualis.

We are the “go-to species“; we carry out special free range tasks and practice Juxting.