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My Comments on : If AI is making such progress, why don’t we have conversational virtual assistants yet?

If AI is making such progress, why don’t we have conversational virtual assistants yet?

Good Question !!!!

There is no such thing as AI

Talking is neuromuscular – like walking waving crouching head turning pedaling – anything that moves your mass (in one complete piece) from here to there.

They don’t get it.

My doctor laughed and said he hadn’t thought of it that way. He could see my point and repeated it back to me.

So much work still to do.

According to The Rational: A Model of Complex Mechanisms: Which will have constrained my response …

Our mammalian emotions are Hierarchical because they are Complex or Complex Mechanisms. They are a continuum from the Simplest autonomic reflex to the highly Complex activity of planning for the future. However, The greater the Complexity the greater the risk of complication.

First Principles
RMCM 28 … The difference between Complexity and Complication is “Free Will”.

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Difference Closed

The above definition of Effect also asserts a source of or for “Difference”. Analogous to the Electrical term “switch closed” where the original source of difference is both voltage and amperes are free to flow. The RMCM asserts that Inwardly flowing Gravity is our source for closing difference, Difference Closed.
Within Delta when Gravity flows inwardly ∞- and does so in critically proximity to the outward flows, Cause, Timelets from each flow bind into a single unit of time. As time is bound, the passing inward and outward flows discretely snarl implementing a three dimensional unit of mass. Together time and flow at critical proximity discharge a DarkSpark. The DarkSpark is a discrete existential event of both mass and time or MassTime. We already know of this result as a point.