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My Comments on : If AI is making such progress, why don’t we have conversational virtual assistants yet?

If AI is making such progress, why don’t we have conversational virtual assistants yet?

Good Question !!!!

There is no such thing as AI

Talking is neuromuscular – like walking waving crouching head turning pedaling – anything that moves your mass (in one complete piece) from here to there.

They don’t get it.

My doctor laughed and said he hadn’t thought of it that way. He could see my point and repeated it back to me.

So much work still to do.

According to The Rational: A Model of Complex Mechanisms: Which will have constrained my response …

Our mammalian emotions are Hierarchical because they are Complex or Complex Mechanisms. They are a continuum from the Simplest autonomic reflex to the highly Complex activity of planning for the future. However, The greater the Complexity the greater the risk of complication.

First Principles
RMCM 28 … The difference between Complexity and Complication is “Free Will”.

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Wondered about this …

… for quite some time now.

With an ambitious decentralized platform, the father of the web hopes it’s game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google. article …

A key property of complexity is that a given Paradigm’s inward flows become increasingly distributed as their Value density increases.

This change iterates meaningful new containers within increasingly meaningful containers. More specifically, metaphors crystalize into candidate principles which become available for implementation. While all metaphors yearn for implementation, only principles can be implemented. Organically, all zygotes are metaphors that yearn to be born. Only those that comply with the principles templated in their DNA can be born. Keep in mind that minor novel variations are are part of the design. Principles are far more constrained than are templates.

The Rational – An Early-Days Introduction

Rational is defined as that which adheres to the principles and that iteratively bind Cause, Effect, Function, and Form into The Rational.

The Rational is defined as an implementation of the Principles that iteratively bind Cause, Effect, Function, and Form into Rational Paradigms.

Property is defined as any given lever, mechanism, or machine.

This is a model, so the question “why” will remain a loose cannon and red hearing. Instead we will describe a hypothesis that we pray will guide us to an implementable model.

This attempt to model what we call Persistence (rather than existence or the existential) requires that we restructure our understanding of gravity and mass. We have attempted and will continue to construct Robust definitions that build on Simple Attributes, Conditions, and Properties defined in our lexicon. Eventually we will arrive back at a Rational encapsulation of another phenomenon that is still, to most, clearly as poorly understood as mass, gravity, Density, and Ambivalence. Our model arises as an attempt to understand Ambivalence. The model asserts that ambivalence is central to what it means to be Homo Sapiens : Terra Virtualis  and other simpler Rational Paradigms.

We strongly advise against any attempt to argue for or against an interpretation of the lexicon. This is a reasoned undertaking that obviates logic.


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